Brisbane Floods bring Termites!

Because of all of the recent wet weather and flooding in Brisbane, Termites are on the move. Termites LOVE damp areas as they need moisture to build their nests and to keep the colony alive.

After the 2011 floods, we found some Brisbane, Caboolture and Beenleigh homes, were being re-invaded due to chemical termite barriers and previous treatments being compromised by getting ‘washed away’ with mud and dirt from around people’s homes.

Be on the lookout for any Termite activity in and around your home. Remember, your garden can have termites already hiding in old trees, untreated timber, garden edges and the like. If you were in a flood effected area, be on the safe side and call Gary to arrange a termite inspection. Gary and advise you on any new risks and plan of action if required.

 Brisbane floods bring termites



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