Termites Treatments

Termite Treatments Brisbane

Your termites found and destroyed…….Guaranteed.

When you have termites in your home or yard that’s what you want to hear… No More Termites.

When we treat your home for termites and that’s what we promise. We back up our service with an 8 year guarantee (conditions apply).




“If you want a cheap quick fix, I can’t help you.
If you want time proven results, then I can.”


For 29 years I have been solving my customers termite problems getting long term results every time. I’ve inspected over 15,000 houses and treated over 4,000 homes for termites giving long term piece of mind.


Termite Treatment Products

There are many Termite Treatment products on the market these days. We have tested and chosen our preferred treatment products, because they work. Termite treatment chemicals have not been developed by us. That is the job of Scientists of the chemical companies and the appropriate government department. They do all the testing, scientific measuring and calculations. As a Pest Controller and Termite Specialist, we apply the Treatment chemical/s as required in combination with our knowledge of how to find termites in the first place.


What we do

Our job is to evaluate each home/structure using our knowledge and skill to design a treatment plan to gain control, eradicate the termites and prevent them from returning. Depending on the extent of a termite infestation, our treatment plan may vary.


Termite Barriers

We are authorised Termidor Chemical Termite Barrier Installers. For the best in termite prevention, contact Pestcover for more information.

If you have heard a Pest controller say that their Termite Barriers are applied to an AUSTRALIAN STANDARD (AS 3660.2), this simply means that those Termite Barriers are up to STANDARDS AUSTRALIA’S specifications and procedures. This is to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently performed the way they were intended to.

STANDARDS AUSTRALIA – a non profit organization recognised by the Australian Government ensuring that businesses operate within certain safe, ethical and reliable parameters, including pest controllers.

It is important to know that the chemicals we use, as pest contoller’s and Termite specialists, are safe and effective. Without these standards, there is nothing to control the rogues in the industry.

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