Termite Inspections

Brisbane termite inspections

At PestCover, we have been carrying out Termite Inspections around the Brisbane area for over 29 years. Our techniques are proven, having saved property owners thousands by way of indetifying termite prone areas and carrying out effective Termite barrier treatments.


A Termite Inspection is always the first part of a successful termite treatment program.

A Termite Inspection tells us:

  • What species of termite we are dealing with
  • How they may have got into your home
  • How long they have been there
  • The extent of damage they may already have caused
  • Areas that could not be accessed
  • Conditions around home that make it susceptible to termite attack
  • How to rectify these conditions
  • Recommendations – What we can do to keep them out – long term

This is where my 29 years of hands on experience is invaluable.

I have inspected over 15,000 homes and treated over 4,000 of those to keep termites at bay.

Once this part of the treatment has been carried out the next step is NEST CONTROL.



To help avoid Termite Attack

Here are some recommendations from our insurance company:

Any structure can be attacked by termites. Periodic maintenance should include measures to minimise the possibilities of infestation in and around your home. Factors which may lead to infestation include:

  • Edge of concrete slab concealed – Ensure the edge of your slab is fully exposed.
  • Weep holes blocked – Ensure weep holes are fully exposed.
  • Less than 400mm clearance – Try and improve ventilation to these areas.
  • Earth/wood contact – Remove all such contact areas by lowering or digging away the soil. Use metal stirrups to mount pergolas, etc.
  • Damp areas – Remove moisture sources, repair leaking downpipes, taps, etc and grade soil to ensure run-off.
  • Form-work & scrap timber – Remove all scrap timbers and do not store any timber adjacent to the house.
  • Stumps – Remove or have test drilled and checked by a timber pest manager.
  • Mulch – Try and avoid using mulch on garden beds adjacent to the house.
  • Tree branches touching the structure – Remove all such occurrences.
  • Wood rot – Replace any decayed timbers.
  • A full Inspection and Report should be carried out every six months – Regular inspections DO NOT stop attack, but may limit the amount of damage by detecting problems early.
  • Engage a professional pest controller who is insured to provide a management program – There is no way of preventing attack. The provision of a complete termite barrier will impede and discourage concealed entry into a building. It cannot prevent attack. Termites can still bridge or breach barriers but they can be detected more readily during routine inspections.