Termidor® is the answer

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Termites are increasingly causing major structural damage to buildings throughout Australia and striking fear into the hearts of homeowners.

Attacking in large numbers, termites can feed to the point of leaving only a thin timber veneer, and this can happen in a matter of months. With the home so often the major family asset, and termite infestation being essentially uninsurable, homeowners are desperately seeking reliable protection against termites.

After many years of patient research the solution has finally arrived…TERMIDOR®.

TERMIDOR has delivered unparalleled termite control since it was first introduced onto the Australian market in 2002. BASF has recently announced the keenly awaited label extension for TERMIDOR to control nuisance ants.


Why Hire an Accredited TERMIDOR® Applicator?

Any licensed Professional Pest Manager can purchase TERMIDOR; however BASF has implemented an extensive accreditation program, which involves selected Professional Pest Managers undergoing a 4-hour course including a written examination that they must pass to become an Accredited TERMIDOR Applicator.

The TERMIDOR Accreditation program provides a further level of understanding amongst TERMIDOR applicators on the unique properties of Termidor and how it should be correctly applied. This in turn provides extra confidence to the homeowner that an Accredited TERMIDOR Applicator is a professional and has been trained by the experts, who know the most about Termidor.

This TERMIDOR accreditation scheme is the first of its kind and has positioned BASF as one of the most professional and responsible manufacturers in Australia.

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