Nest Control

Found a termite nest?

Nest control is important in removing any activity prior to a full barrier.

Termites live a completely underground existence building nests in the soil and dead or living trees. The termites that come to your home are the workers, they forage blindly for food to take back to the nest. They do this by travelling through underground galleries or covered runways to get to food sources below or above ground.

A queen termite is capable of laying 2,000 eggs per day and a nest can have up to 2 million termites and can exist for up to 50 years.

The activity found in your home will more than likely NOT be the NEST. In most cases a nest will not be found and it can be as far as 100 metres away, in your neighbours yard, in a public park near by.

Because of the unpredictable nature of the Termite and not knowing where they can eventually pop is the reason why we recommend full treatment to your home.

Treating the live termites found is an important part of the treament as it get the termites out of the home in preperation for the full termite barrier. A nest control product is used on the live termites and left for a period of 14 days before the barrier is installed. This gives the product time to do its job.