HOW TO Prevent Termite Attack!

To help you avoid Termite Attack here are some recommendations from our insurance company:

Any structure can be attacked by termites. Periodic maintenance should include measures to minimise the possibilities of infestation in and around your home. Factors which may lead to infestation include:

  • Edge of concrete slab concealed – Ensure the edge of your slab is fully exposed.
  • Weep holes blocked – Ensure weep holes are fully exposed. This includes clearing or pruning plants and mulch.
  • Less than 400mm clearance – Try and improve ventilation to these areas.
  • Earth/wood contact – Remove all such contact areas by lowering or digging away the soil. Use metal stirrups to mount pergolas, etc.
  • Damp areas – Remove moisture sources, repair leaking downpipes, taps, etc and grade soil to ensure run-off.
  • Form-work & scrap timber – Remove all scrap timbers and do not store any timber adjacent to the house.
  • Stumps – Remove or have test drilled and checked by a timber pest manager.
  • Mulch – Try and avoid using mulch on garden beds adjacent to the house.
  • Tree branches touching the structure – Remove all such occurrences.
  • Wood rot – Replace any decayed timbers. Use Treated Timber where posible.
  • A Full Inspection and Report should be carried out every six months – Regular inspections DO NOT stop attack, but may limit the amount of damage by detecting problems early.
  • Engage a professional pest controller who is insured to provide a management program – There is no way of preventing attack. The provision of a complete termite barrier will impede and discourage concealed entry into a building. It cannot prevent attack. Termites can still bridge or breach barriers but they can be detected more readily during routine inspections.

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