Clothesline out the back, Termites out the front…

Most backyards and gardens already have termites. Termites like to forage amongst garden borders, stacks of timber and some plants, even timber outdoor furniture. This is nature’s first warning sign, TERMITES ARE HERE……so it is important to BE ON YOUR GUARD.

Months, even years can pass without an incident. Those termites might happily co-exist in your yard/garden for ages before entering your property. However, if you homes’ current termite treatments/barriers are every compromised/left too long, you are leaving an open invitation for termites to enter your home. Un-kept gardens, landscaping up against the house, air vents being blocked or even wet areas (from leaking air conditioners, watertanks or taps) just make your home even more appealing. Things like flooding, very wet weather and untreated renovations/extensions are common reasons why homes are invaded. Termites move in, build a nest and it can take some time, and a lot of damage to occur, before you even notice.

PestCover specialise in preventative termite barriers (Termidor), making sure the termites don’t travel from your garden and into your home.

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