Brisbane Floods bring Termites!

Because of all of the recent wet weather and flooding in Brisbane, Termites are on the move. Termites LOVE damp areas as they need moisture to build their nests and to keep the colony alive.

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Bought or buying a house?

Have you recently bought a house, considering buying one?

Not sure if a preventative or remedial treatment for Termites has been applied?




There must be a notice of application indicating, date of installation, type of termite protection used, chemical used and life expectancy and scope and frequency of future inspection.

Barrier Treatments

BARRIER TREATMENT, around your home, usually starts with an inspection then nest control (chemical/dust applied to infested areas with live termite activity or nests if found) and then the chemical barrier applied around the home. Depending on which chemical is used, termites are either repelled or they work through the barrier. The chemical gets onto the termites which they then take back to the nest/colony and eliminate it,.

DUSTING can be a stand alone treatment depending on the situation. The dust is applied to live termite workings, it settles on the termites and they carry it back to the nest. When they clean themselves, the dust is spread through the colony. If enough of this dust is ingested, it can wipe out the colony. However, it is never as simple as that and so dusting is generally only part of a treatment.

BAITING is another nest control method. It uses a system of bait stations with a food inside, attracting termites, however, there is a active chemical ingredient in it. These stations are put around your home in the garden and as termites forage, they come accross them, injest the food and take it back to the colony. Like the dusting, if there is enough active ingredient spread through the colony then it can kill the nest.

Gary specialises in chemical treatments, it’s his preferred method of treating termites, giving a continual barrier around your home. Gary chooses this method because Termites forage blindly underground and there is no way to determine where they will eventually appear. “I have been using TERMIDOR for the last 11 years and in the 900 or so houses I have had a 100% success rate and I can guarantee my treatments using this product up to 8 years with annual inspections”.