A common problem in Brisbane particularly during wet weather. Try to control the problem by eliminating any food source that may attract them eg crumbs on kitchen floors, benches etc, empty garbage cans regularly and don’t leave food in dog/cat bowls.

Seal any cracks/crevices or holes and trim away any shrubs or branches that lay against the house giving easy access.

If you are going to spray them yourself, don’t simply spray what you see, follow the trails back to where they are coming from and flood these areas with spray. The trick is consistency, keep on top of it and you will gain better control.

If you have an ant problem in the yard and don’t want to use a chemical, simply boil some hot water and pour into any ant nests you find. You will have to be persistent as it can take quite a few cups of boiling water to kill the nest.

If all else fails call PESTCOVER- 1800 807 226.

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