4 steps towards a TERMITE FREE HOME

There are 4 steps you need to know to keep termites out of your home long-term.

  1. Initial Termite Inspection to all your house and yard.
  2. Get the termites out of you home using nest control products and Termite Treatments.
  3. Create a Termite barrier to prevent them from re-entering.
  4. Yearly Termite Inspections to check that everything is working as it should and address any issues.

Skip any of these steps and termites can move back in and cause more damage to your home or property.

By following these, steps I can guarantee the Termite Barrier for the life of the product (TERMIDOR – conditions apply).




Brisbane Termidor authorised installer

It is important to use an authorise Termidor installer for the safe application of chemical barriers.

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