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First of all, do not spray or disturb a termite nest. This will only encourage the termites to move to another area of your premises and start building afresh. This makes immediate locating and treatment more difficult. Your home will not fall down around your knees straight away. However, swift action is required to locate any nest/s, eradicate those termites and prevent future termite invasions and damage.

At PestCover Brisbane Pest and Termite specialists we are your No Smell, No Mess, No Pests pest control solution. That is our guarantee. We offer quality Pest and Termite Inspections, Pest and Termite Treatments and Chemical Termite Barriers (Termidor Termite Barriers). We are also your go-to general pest control company.

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With 30+ years’ experience and professional set-up, PestCover are able to service a large area. We service anywhere from Caboolture, Brisbane to Beenleigh. And, as a small, family owned business, you can expect; a friendly smile and a pest controller who is on-time. Our pest control and termite services are also affordable and effective.

Pest Control Services

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Inspections and treatments for general pests are also available. Rats, Mice, Ants, Spiders and Cockroaches are common household pests that can cause allergies, mess and damage. Trying to treat an infestation on your own, can prove expensive and cause disruption. For all your building & pest inspection needs call PestCover to ensure the job is done right the first time. We are known for our No Mess, No Smell, No Pests approach.


We are authorised Termidor Chemical Termite Barrier Installers. For the safe treatment of your termite problem, it is always recommended to hire a qualified and authorised installer of Termidor.


Termites love wet weather. Damp areas, around your home are also, the ideal breeding grounds for termites. As each water source dries up, termites just look for a new water source this is when they begin to forage, finding your leaking taps/showers/air conditioners and can eventually make it into your home.

It is important to stay alert and understand that the big downfalls of rain may move soil/dirt up against your house giving easy access to termites to enter your home.



If you have an ant problem in the yard and don’t want to use a chemical, simply boil some hot water and pour into any ant nests you find. You will have to be persistent as it can take quite a few cups of boiling water to kill the nest.

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